Enhance your research impact: create an ORCID iD

Published on
September 5, 2019

ORCID is a unique researcher identification number that distinguishes you from other researchers. You can create your ORCID iD at the Wageningen PhD Symposium 2019 - Science with Impacts on Friday, 25 October.

What is an ORCID iD?

WUR Library strongly encourages researchers and PhDs to create a unique ORCID iD. It helps you to create a complete overview of your scientific activities. An ORCID iD is more accurate and more secure than a name. Many people can have the same name, but an ORCID iD is unique. ORCID is a not-for-profit organisation created by and for the research community.

Wageningen PhD symposium 2019, 25 October in Impulse

WUR Library will be present at the Wageningen PhD symposium. We will give information about ORCID and help you to register. You can also read this blog by Hilde van Zeeland. The blog introduces ORCID and explains how to use it.

The Wageningen PhD symposium 2019 is focused on Research Impact & Application. Share your work in a presentation or a poster with your colleagues from different departments and get inspired to excel by the day's renowned keynote speakers. It's still possible to submit an abstract. The deadline has been extended to Tuesday, 1 October.