Entrepreneurship and vigor for Nakuru County Food System

Published on
February 18, 2021

17 initiatives working on regenerative and inclusive agricultural practices from far and near convened in Nakuru town on February 5, 2021

What a day!
Ingrid Coninx - Kenya co-lead

The room filled with passion, entrepreneurship and vigor. The ambition of the participants to provide food in a better way was palpable. All 17 initiatives showed their own innovative ambition to work on regenerative food systems. One of the initiatives is Grincom Enterprises. This group of mainly women makes organic compost from crop residues and manure. Another initiative is the Menengai Community Forest Association that supports new tree planting that is integrated with crop production.

Innovating asks for persistence and partnerships. Several initiatives are going to join their forces in a living lab, together with supporting partners like Egerton University . Priorities the initiatives identified to work on:

  • Resource mobilisation to finance implementation of innovations.
  • Raising consumer awareness and supporting market development for new products.
  • Effective collaboration with scientific partners to collect evidence on the sustainability  impact of the innovations.
  • Testing new mechanisms to support the scaling of the initiatives to increase impact.

In the next weeks, the first learning journeys start to prepare the basis for the living lab’s innovation agenda. The long term vision and the living lab activities will be further designed. Stay tuned to follow the journey.

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