Ethiopian DairyBISS continues with technical training

Published on
March 10, 2016

DairyBISS organizes two technical trainings for Ethiopians active in dairy production and processing this week. The first traing deals with dairy production with a focus on housing. The second deals with technical maintenance in dairy processing. The trainings are part of a six months training & coaching program on dairy business development for Ethiopian livestock sector advisors.

The DairyBISS advisor training and coaching program aims to build capacity for advisors in dairy production to improve the dairy sector in Ethiopia. 17 Participants from different backgrounds started this week with the training on dairy cattle housing. Participants include farm managers and farm owners, advisors, veterinarians and teachers. The three-day program includes basic introductions to the topic as well as a specific focus on housing and housing design principals. The participants will visit several farms to evaluate their housing situation against basic dairy farm management principles on housing, feeding, reproduction, health and economics.

The training on technical maintenance in dairy processing will be attended by technicians from five dairy plants. The reason for this training is derived from a previous capacity gap assessment. This identified technical management and (lack of) routine maintenance plans as  the highest priority for training activities. The maintenance training is jointly organised with the Ethiopian Dairy Processors Association and will be carried out on two dairy plants near Addis Ababa. The maintenance training is a pilot to determine the future direction of training on processing of the DairyBISS program.