EuroDISH starts new infrastructure at World Expo: DISH-RI

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13 mei 2015

Within the European research project EuroDISH Wageningen UR has studied the need for food and health research infrastructures in Europe together with other leading universities and institutes. Now we want to build it. DISH-RI is an European overarching research infrastructure (RI) that is specific for studying food in relation to nutrition and health and that connects the currently fragmented pieces of research on determinants, intake, status and health (DISH).

DISH-RI will enable policy makers to increase the impact of public health nutrition strategies and improve the health of all Europeans. Private partners can be involved as providers of data and as users of the services of the RI, to foster product innovation and strengthen competitiveness. Also, DISH-RI will enable societal organisations and professionals to build their strategies and advice on solid evidence.

The aim for DISH-RI is to reach a fully operational status for the research infrastructure within a 10-year period. Stakeholder support is required as well as funding at both Member State and EU level to construct the building blocks that shape the RI.