Everything That is Digital Belongs in the E-depot

Published on
January 1, 2009

Documents and files are being disseminated in digital form more and more often. Because of this, paper versions are no longer being produced. Unfortunately, this means that the availability of many digital documents in the long term is unsure. The Library is anticipating this situation with its new service 'e-depot', the library's digital variant of the library's 'paper' storage area. Digital material is permanently saved in the e-depot and is made available through the Library's databases, among other venues. In addition to the permanent archiving, the e-depot is also a way to better streamline the logistics of the digital material: material that is delivered to the e-depot is entered in different databases within the Library. For example, a report published by Wageningen UR is linked to Staff publications, to the Library's catalogue and to the Green Knowledge Collection. The report only has to be delivered once and it receives a permanent URL.

For the time being, the e-depot is only available to authorized suppliers. Over time, the library will see if the e-depot becomes available to all employees. Starting in January, all digital master's theses will be archived in the e-depot and made available through master's theses online.

The following functions are available for the e-depot:

  • Delivering digital material
  • Permanent URL for every document delivered
  • Adding additional files to delivered documents
  • Public availability limited to supplier or WUR employees
  • Embargo on availability until a set date
  • Listing additional information such as project numbers (publications) or course code (theses) and such
  • Supplier always has accessibility to his/her files and an overview of delivered material
  • Revision control.

(newsletter 2009-01)