Everything you always wanted to know about climate change (but never dared to ask)


Everything you always wanted to know about climate change (but never dared to ask)

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5 maart 2014

Over the past decades, significant experience has been gained in demand-driven research on climate change. In a special issue of Regional Environmental Change 15 articles were published, based on research by the programmes 'Climate changes Spatial Planning' (Klimaat voor Ruimte) and its successor ‘Knowledge for Climate’ (Kennis voor Klimaat).

'Climate changes Spatial Planning’ and its successor ‘Knowledge for Climate’ ran from 2004 to 2012 and from 2008 to 2014, respectively. The combined programmes can be considered as a 10-year research programme experiment to develop knowledge about both the climate system and climate compatible development by crossing disciplines, institutions and national research funding strategies.

Jeroen Veraart, Peter Driessen, Kim van Nieuwaal and Pavel Kabat conclude in the editorial of Regional Environmental Change that a trend can be observed in which a 'top-down' climate impact assessment approach is increasingly combined with a 'bottom-up' approach with practice and policy. Climate science is thereby increasingly contributing to a climate compatible development of the Dutch economy and natural environment. Based on the 15 articles presented in this special issue they argue that this development has enriched both fundamental and applied research on climate adaptation within the Netherlands, also thanks to the two research programs.

Despite the predominantly Dutch-oriented scope of the presented research, the authors believe that such experiences can be of international interest. Climate adaptation research finds itself in between global systems knowledge on the one hand and practical needs and experiences at the local, regional and national level on the other. This demands the utmost from all actors involved to enable an efficient and constructive flow and use of knowledge and expertise.

'From climate research to climate compatible development: experiences and progress in the Netherlands' (with 15 abstracts)