Evy Rodenburg wins #ShareyourWURld photo competition

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6 juli 2018

On the evening of Friday 29 June, 23 nominees in the #ShareYourWURld photo competition arrived at the Wisdom & Wonder pavilion on Wageningen Campus filled with excitement. The five best photographers were going to be invited to participate in a workshop. Evy Rodenburg won first prize with her photo “Het Spaanse Leven” (Spanish life) and took home a handsome reward: a 360-degree camera.

More than one hundred secondary school students responded to the call to submit a photo from their living environment. The three-member jury was pleasantly surprised by the number of high-quality submissions. In the 25 nominated photos, they reviewed the technical aspects of photography and looked for the connection with the sphere of activity of WUR scientists. This is ultimately how a colourful, cloudy sky at sunset reminded researcher Wieger Wamelink of what the sky on Mars could look like. Wamelink conducts research into cultivating vegetables on Mars.

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Evening programme

During the evening, Guy Ackermans, in-house photographer at WUR and jury member, shared his experiences about capturing the high points of university life. Some stories happened a very long time ago, while others were as recent as King Willem-Alexander’s visit to the alumni day.

Researcher Wieger Wamelink allowed the audience to taste rocket that had been grown on Martian soil. According to the person who tried it, you could not tell the difference. That is worth noting, because the soil on Mars contains different metals and minerals than the soil on Earth.

Jury member Sterrin Smalbruge, student of Forest and Nature Management, addressed the audience via video about her research into reptiles, her travels, her reptile show, and the photos that she takes.

The five winning photo’s

At the end of the programme, the five winners were announced and the researchers explained why the photos go together well with WUR.

Evy Rodenburg: “het Spaanse leven” (the Spanish life). Rens Buchwaldt told the story of Rene Henkens, a nature, recreation, and tourism specialist.

Tjeerd Prins: Sky of Mars. Wieger Wamelink told the story of his research into growing vegetables on Martian soil.

Mats Smets: “Straatbeeld Delhi” (Delhi street scene). Jamila de Jong told the story of Tom Achterbosch, international policy researcher.

Paula Rudolph: “De bezige bij” (The busy bee). Marcel Vijn talked about his research into city-country relationships and how the bee plays a role in it all.

Chris Adrichem: Tinka Murk talked about her research into marine animal ecology.

The photos will be exhibited this week. On 3 and 4 July, you can stop and admire them at De Spot and they will be hanging in Gaia on 5 and 6 July.