Excellent Education Award again for Aad Kessler

Published on
April 24, 2017

Aad Kessler (with colleagues Jack Peerlings - AEP and Sylvia Karlsson Vinkhuyzen - PAP) was awarded with an Excellent Education Award just like last year. SLM32306 Sustainable Land Management Policies was among the 30 best courses of Wageningen University.

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Based on results of course evaluations in 2015/2016 the 30 most appreciated course of Wageningen University were identified, Sustainable Land Management Policies among them. To qualify for an award, a course has to meet two conditions: 1) at least 10 students have filled in the course evaluation, and 2) the response rate for the course was at least 20%.

Photo: Aad Kessler (r) and Rector Magnificus/vice-president Executive Board Arthur Mol at the award event.