Exhibition Fascinating Plants: Dutch Botanical Art @ Wageningen UR

Published on
July 12, 2015

The exhibition Fascinating Plants offers a glimpse into the rich collection of flower books, prints, posters and drawings that are available in the Wageningen UR Image Collections.

The Dutch have a rich history of both flower growing and floral art, and these often coincide. At the peak of tulipomania, tulips were frequently depicted in paintings, drawings, books and prints. Besides art and commerce, science also drives the creation of botanical art. At Wageningen UR and its predecessors flowers and plants were drawn for botanical research.  

Wageningen UR sometimes hired local artists for botanical illustrations, such as cartoonist Louis Raemaekers, and Wageningen artists Johan Haak, Ben van Londen and Harmen Meurs. But, professors and landscape architects teaching at Wageningen University such as Jan Ritzema Bos, A.M. Sprenger and Leonard Springer also drew plants, fruits and trees. Several drawings were created to recognize the dangerous plant pests and useful plant pollinators. After 1950, professional, scientific illustrators were employed, especially in Biosystematics, to draw botanical species and cultivars for publications.

The exhibition Fascinating Plants closes earlier than originally planned, on Wednesday 9 September 2015! It is open on weekdays from 9 am to 1 pm, and in the afternoon by appointment with Special Collections in the Forum Library.

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