Exhibition: Groen van Toen

Published on
July 3, 2012

On July 9, the exhibition ‘Groen van Toen: van buitenplaats tot schooltuin’ (Gardens from the Past: From Country House to School Garden) opens in the Forum Library on the Wageningen Campus.

Through the centuries large technical developments and increasing prosperity have brought nature closer to humans. This exhibition focuses on the users of the gardens. Using three themes, private gardens, walking in public parks and gardens, and living in green environments, the visitor is taken along gardens from both the nobility and commoner, through public parks, zoos and school gardens and finally through garden cities, residential areas, and working-class neighbourhoods.

The exhibition shows that Dutch garden and landscape architecture has always been influenced by ideas from Germany, France and England. Books from different authors including Petrus Lauremberg (Horticultura, libris II, 1632). A. Alphand (Les promenades de Paris) and W. Robinson (God’s acre beautiful, 1883) will be displayed in the exhibition. Their influence can be seen in books, maps, photos and designs from C. Huygens (Vitaulium: Hofwyck from 1653), Jan Kops (Index plantarum), Leonard Springer and many more. The documents on exhibit give a portrait of the era that 'Groen van Toen' encompasses.

(newsletter 4-2012)