Exhibition 'Inspiring Nature' in Forum Library

Published on
March 30, 2015

The Forum Library exhibits sculptures and jewellery made by Dorine Dekkers, biologist at Alterra Wageningen UR.

Dorine Dekkers has been making sculptures since 2001. Stone is her favourite material to work with, but she occasionally uses wood or bronze. Working with stone fascinates Dorine because of the material's different characteristics. Stones vary in hardness, roughness, consistency and hidden colour. That gives each stone its own character. Carving a sculpture is playing with these characters.

Dorine also exhibits Caddis Jewellery. Caddis Jewels are jewels with gemstone cases made by Caddis flies. Caddis flies are insects and their larvae live in the water. They shield their soft body with self-built cases. They find the material for making the cases in the water. They ‘glue’ the materials together with silk produced by their silk glands.

In her work at Alterra Dorine often works with Caddis flies. Inspired by these little architects, Dorine gives the Caddis fly larvae gemstones as building material in their aquariums. As they grow, the flies use these gemstones to enlarge their cases. At the end of their larval stage, the Caddis flies pupate and fly out as adults, leaving behind an empty case of gemstones. This is the moment when Dorine harvests the cases to make Caddis Jewellery.

Apart from the exhibition in the Forum Library, you can see Dorine's sculptures on and her jewellery on

'Inspiring Nature' can be seen from Friday, 27 March 2015 until Saturday, 15 August 2015