Experiences of Omid Noroozi in Finland for the SLAM project

Published on
November 17, 2017

Omid Noroozi joined the SLAM team in March 2017 to cooperate with highly established education experts in the field such as Prof. Paul A. Kirschner, Prof. Sanna Järvelä and other members of the team until the end of August 2018.

21st-century working and learning requires knowledge acquisition, sharing and building, both alone and with others. Learning is no longer only cognitive, but has also become social and emotional in nature. For this reason, being able to strategically regulate one’s own learning and that of others is a vital 21st century skill.

Omid is involved in writing process at this stage. So far, he has been involved in writing several scholarly manuscripts related to the SLAM project. Omid started his work on the SLAM project by contributing to a paper on Designing Learning Analytics Dashboard Feedback. This paper is still under review in the journal of the Educational Technology, Research, and Development.  He has also written a paper with the SLAM team entitled “Designing Visual Learning Analytics for Understanding Regulation of Learning”. This paper is already submitted to one of the ISI journals in the field of educational research. He is also currently busy with writing a review paper related to the Multimodal Learning Process Indicators for Cognitive, Emotional and Motivational Aspects of Learning. In November, Omid will again visit Oulu, Finland to brainstorm about the possible adventures with the SLAM team members. Overall, Omid is quite proud to work with top scholars in the field and he hopes to bring added value for this great project.

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