Exploring how aquaculture is contributing to sustainably feeding the world

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September 1, 2020

Hakai Magazine published an article on August 24, 2020 in their issue exploring aquaculture, "Big Fish: The Aquacultural Revolution". This piece delves into the essential role that aquaculture plays in sustainably feeding the world. The article quotes Simon Bush, researcher and Chairholder of the Environmental Policy Department.

Aquaculture as a quiet revolution

Hakai Magazine’s recent article, ‘Hold the Salt: The Promise of Little Fresh Fishes’ takes a look at the ‘quiet revolution that could sustainably feed the world’. 

Is aquaculture ‘bad’ and wild capture ‘good’? While many media accounts promote this binary viewpoint, this article opens up the critique on this overly simplistic narrative. Looking at the development of aquaculture production in Southeast Asia, we are introduced to the complexity of the story that better reflects global aquaculture production and consumption. Quoted in this piece is ENP researcher and Chairholder at Wageningen University & Research, Simon Bush; his research is mainly focused on the design and effectvieness of public and private environmental governance arrangements for global fisheries and aquaculture. Read more about related topics and projects from ENP in 'Read more' (right column).

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Hold the Salt: The Promise of Little Fresh Fishes

In Southeast Asia, aquaculture production from medium-sized freshwater farms is growing quickly. Meet the quiet revolution that could sustainably feed the world.

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The article is written by Paul Thullis with reporting in Myanmar by Htoo Tay War

Hakai Magazine is a magazine that explores science, society, and the environment from a coastal perspective.