F&A Next reveals innovations that will impact the future of Food & Agriculture

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4 mei 2016

Meet the most promising Food and Agri start-ups at the event on Wageningen Campus. Robots for agriculture; intelligent crop monitoring; vertical city farms; ingredients from lupine or algae and sustainable methods for growing, nutrient extraction and waste valorisation. They will all be part of the near future of food and agriculture. Start-ups in this domain use their ideas, technology and innovation power to contribute to a better, smarter and more sustainable and diverse food system. On 25 and 26 May these start-ups will come to Wageningen Campus.

F&A Next – the first European platform for start-ups, investors and corporates in food and agriculture – will shine a spotlight on start-ups in food and agriculture that deserve to be in the investor's eye. F&A Next gathers the largest group of investors in food and agriculture, the most innovative international start-ups in this domain and high-impact corporates during its start-up event on 25 and 26 May 2016 in Wageningen.

Wednesday 25 May 2016 - Early and Mid stage Start-ups

On Wednesday 25 May, 20-30 early and midstage Start-ups will pitch and / or demonstrate their business ideas and products in front of a jury of investors. A selection committee has selected them from a large group of applicants.
A selection of the start-ups that will compete in the pitching competition:

  1. FoPo Food Powder [DE] – Turning food into powder to increase shelf life
  2. GrowX [GR] - Vertical farms for growing food in cities
  3. Prolupin [DE] - Food ingredients made of Blue Sweet Lupine
  4. Mosavali [Georgia] - Distance learning and online consultancy for farmers in emerging markets
  5. Roots SAT [IL] - Root zone temperature optimization for increased yield
  6. Smart Dairy Cooperatief UA [NL] - Dairy companies in East Africa, India and Latin America that focus on quality milk and a prosperous future for people
  7. The Algae Factory [IT / NL] - Algae based snacks with high nutrient content
  8. VitalFluid [NL] - Plasma Activated Water for agriculture and medical purposes
  9. CrowdFooding [UK] – Crowd investment in food companies

The conference on 26 May 2016 focusses on important trends and opportunities in the industry and features later stage start-ups (scale-ups) that are growing fast. Check our full program on the F&A Next website. 

A promising selection of entrepreneurs will pitch their business on that day:

  1. Mazza Innovation [CA] - Water-based nutrient extraction technology
  2. In Ovo [NL] - Gender selection in eggs
  3. Naïo Technologies [FR] - Robots for agriculture
  4. Nutrileads [NL] - Food ingredients with clinically demonstrated health effects
  5. Iden Biotechnology [ES] - Biotechnology as a tool to solve technological problems
  6. CROPX [IL] - Smart irritagion systems based on sensors and software

Meet the Startups at F&A Next

Interested in meeting the startups? Get a ticket via the website and learn how innovations will change our future: