F&A next platform to bring together investors and startups in food and agro


F&A next platform to bring together investors and startups in food and agro

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20 november 2015

Like every sector, it is crucial that start-ups and potential investors in the food and agro industries can get to know each other before any deal can be agreed. To provide a platform for meetings and matchmaking, Food Valley NL, Rabobank, StartLife and Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) are developing F&A next, the first European platform for investors, start-ups and scale-ups in the food and agro domain. The platform will be officially launched during a two-day event at Wageningen Campus as part of the just announced week of celebrations and events in the Netherlands called StartupFest Europe.

The F&A next platform is being designed to ensure that promising startups with international potential in the food and agro sector gain access to investors and financial growth capital. During the first F&A next event, 25-26 May 2016, at Wageningen Campus, startups and investors from across Europe will be introduced via pitch sessions, company presentations, networking opportunities and one-on-one conversations. This will help facilitate an environment for successful deals and a network of innovators focused on food and agro.

Deal-making platform

F&A next is a deal-making platform for European startups and investors. While the Netherlands is an international leader in the food and agro domain, promising startups in this sector are not currently sufficiently visible to investors. F&A next aims to enhance their visibility and facilitate investments in startups and innovations.
In addition to increasing visibility, F&A next will also develop tools to prepare startups to make an investment request. It will offer workshops and meetings throughout the year to help startups prepare for an investment and improve their overall investor readiness.

F&A next initiators

F&A next is an initiative by Food Valley NL, Rabobank, StartLife and Wageningen UR. The founders are combining their networks, facilities and expertise in food and agro to bring together the most promising innovations and investors in the domain. F&A next is supported by the Province of Gelderland and Startup Delta.

Startup Fest Europe

The launch of F&A next is scheduled during Startup Fest Europe 2016. From May 24 to 28, events will be held for the international start-up community at 14 different locations in the Netherlands related to funding, talent sourcing and the facilitating of deals. Focused on specific topics and target audiences, the events will be hosted by entrepreneurial hubs throughout the country.