FNP's research program evaluated as ‘excellent’

Published on
October 13, 2015
Once every 6 years, research programs of Dutch Universities are evaluated by international peers. Such reviews are organized by graduate schools, in this case WASS. Such panels consist of high-reputation scholars from the same or related academic fields. The panel writes about FNP: “Since its last evaluation in 2009 the group has made significant strides to improve its overall research performance. (...) Progress has been particularly impressive in rapidly increasing the number of refereed journal papers (tripled) and the number of academic publications (doubled). (...) These results reinforce the expert judgement of the panel about the quality of the group’s research in their field and its status as one of the most influential in the world.” A copy of the report can be found here and FNP’s evaluation can be found on page 26.
FNP's research program was evaluated by an international peer review panel in 2015. Recently the results has been published: The quality and relevance of research are 'excellent' and the viability of the group is 'very good'.