Business relation day in ARTIS-Micropia

Published on
February 10, 2017

Jan Kammenga and Joost Riksen has visited the family day in ARTIS-Micropia. They were invited because the Department of Nematology has provided the museum with the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. It is hard to see Ceanorhabditits elegans, or C. elegans, with the naked eye. This little roundworm is no longer than 1mm. It is very important, though, especially to scientific research.

Janmicropia3 (1).jpg

ARTIS-Micorpia is the only museum of micropes, situated in the centre of Amsterdam. Micropia is a unique museum that is set to inspire the general public, encouraging their interest in microorganisms and microbiology. The visual and the experiential are central, while the focus is firmly on the mostly positive relationship between microbes and humans. Micropia aims at becoming also an international platform for microbiology that brings diverse interest groups together in order to brigde the gap between science and the general public.The uniqueness of Micropia lies in its mix of living and virtual microbes. Most exhibits show living microorganisms as well as having a media extension. Film, images and text provide insight into microbe appearance and behaviour, and the diversity of the microorganism relationship with humans.