Femma Roschar nominated for the ‘Learning Technology Award’ with her TrainTool Pilot

Published on
October 3, 2018
At the beginning of the Academic year 2017-2018  Wageningen University funded an innovation proposal of Femma Roschar on using TrainTool as summative assessment method in Negotiation Skills, Modular Skills module (MOS).

The main aim of the innovation project was to design an innovative assessment method catered for active learning. More specifically, in the assessment of Negotiation Skills the online-based application of TrainTool was used as an innovation, in order to have a combined learning environment of in-class exercises, feedback, coaching/training and outside class practise via digital video learning, digital role-plays on micro skills and case studies. The goal was an enhancement of this skill by the student and a truthful measurement of the trained skill in the form of a digital assessment.

The innovation was tested twice (period 1 and 2) in a group of approximately 22 students aside a regular group of approximately 25 students. The following results were found. TrainTool appeared to reduce time investment of the teachers to grade students with 50%. Traditionally, on average 20 minutes to read and grade a reflection paper was needed, versus 10 minutes in the TrainTool variant. Also, a difference in the average assessment on maximum possible grading score of students between the control group versus the TrainTool group was found: 66-75% in control groups to 80-82% in pilot groups. Additionally, student feedback was also positively graded with an average of 7.8, which included user-friendliness of the tool, fun of working with the tool and effectiveness of the tool. The overall conclusion thus was that the pilot offered a successful format to adjust the traditional assessment method.

This interactive activating learning environment in which students have the opportunity to practise and develop their skills via TrainTool and in-class exercises based on the micro skills provided through TrainTool and literature proved to be a successful design. This concept can easily be extrapolated to other skills modules and courses, so students will be trained to be well-prepared, self-aware and self-regulating WUR graduates who are skilled for lifelong learning. Femma is happy this innovation project is nominated for ‘best learning technologies project’ in the international public and non-profit sector and is now on the shortlist for ‘best learning technologies award’!

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