Festive 10th edition Summer School Green Genetics #SSGG18


Festive 10th edition Summer School Green Genetics #SSGG18

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13 september 2017

The fully booked 10th edition of the Summer School Green Genetics took place from 27 till 31 August. Thirty-five students were introduced to the world of green genetics by attending lectures and excursions given by Wageningen University & Research experts and staff from several Dutch plant breeding companies. The Friday afternoon of the programme was dedicated to the celebration of the 10th edition.

10th edition programme

The participants attended lectures given by Wageningen University & Research experts and visited several Dutch plant breeding companies. This year Schooneveld Breeding, Syngenta, ENZA Zaden (Seed Valley) and NAKtuinbouw were visited. The participants learned and experienced many fascinating aspects of the Dutch plant breeding and propagation industry during the visits and lectures. 

The Friday of this edition was fully dedicated to the celebration of the 10th edition of the Summer School. The morning programme contained guest lectures and a tour over the Wageningen Campus plant research fields. During the afternoon programme former participants, experts and sponsors were invited to join. The afternoon started with a keynote from Prof. dr. Richard Visser, addressing past and future issues of the plant breeding sector and Summer School.

The Summer School Green Genetics is the ideal way to introduce the fascinating world of plant breeding to students interested in this exciting and dynamic field. The mix of lectures and company visits gives them an unique opportunity to get acquainted with the wonderful world of breeding. I am glad to see that based on their Summer School experience every year more and more students decide to follow further education or directly start a career in the Dutch plant breeding sector. I would say, let’s continue for another 10 years!
prof. dr. R. (Richard) Visser, Chair & Head Plant Breeding, Wageningen University & Research

The other half of the afternoon was dedicated to a company market, also open for current WUR students and a social drink afterwards.

Student experiences

Curious how the participants of this year’s edition experienced the Summer School? We asked them, you can read their testimonials here:

I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to spend a week at Wageningen for the #SSGG18. I learnt a lot about the breeding industry and the application of genetic techniques as well as the issues, and met some amazing people who have become life long friends.
Robyn Emmerson, participant 2018 edition

The Green Genetics Summer School is a great opportunity to gain more knowledge about breeding and accompanying practices. Furthermore, the Green Genetics Summer School is a great way to enlarge your network of peers and get familiar with multiple outstanding breeding company's."
Niek Stoffijn, participant 2018

Since I first came to know about Wageningen I decided I wanted to deal with plant science. This place and the exciting environment of companies that surrounds it have gone far beyond any expectation of mine. I restart my academic career inspired and enthusiastic. Wageningen is inspiring, it is revolutionary, the summer school has provided me an insight into the dream I was looking for: the Google of plants in the Silicon Valley of Seeds.
Elena del Pup, participant 2018