Final sprint 2014 research output

Published on
October 23, 2014

Researchers: verify your 2014 research output in Staff Publications and submit any unregistered output on time!

As Wageningen University and Research Centre we produce research output in several media, such as reports, articles in scientific and professional journals, and presentations at various congresses. This output serves as a basis for yearly reports and visitations and is made visible for other researchers in the Netherlands or elsewhere. To make this possible, researchers must register their output in the library systems.

To properly include the 2014 research output in the reference year of 2014, research output must be registered by the 31 January 2015. On that date, all research institutes and scientific educative groups must have a complete and up-to-date overview of their research output.

Metis input

Did you know that the collective Metis managers (around 160 people) enter between 11,000 and 13,000 records every single year? For 2014, we’re still expecting over 6,000 records to be entered! To process these large amounts of records, you must submit any unregistered research output to your local Metis manager as soon as possible. Do not wait until December or January! You can verify your registered output in Staff Publications.

With the help of the Metis managers, Wageningen UR Library is striving to meet the January deadline with time to spare. To do so, we need you, the authors!

How to check your research output in Staff Publications

  • Go to and log into ‘My Library’ (WUR account). Several tiles will appear. One of these tiles is ‘My Publications’.
  • Click on ‘Overview of all your publications’. A graphic overview will appear. Use the browse link in the right-hand column to see your actual publications.
  • If your publication list is long, it is best to check publications year by year. By doing so, you can keep track of what you have done. Click on the most recent year first (left column). Now you see all of your publications registered in our Research Information System (RIS) for this corresponding year.
  • Check whether the total amount of publications in a year equals the amount of publications assigned to your current research unit (see ‘organization unit’ facet in the left-hand column). If not, your records may not have been properly coupled to your organization unit when they were entered into the system. You can repeat this process for the last six years if you're waiting for VSNU peer review.
  • Anything missing or entered incorrectly? Go to the RIS record feeder of your department and let him/her contact

See the screencast for step-by-step instructions.