1st HAifa webinar on fertilization - 3 December 2014


First Haifa webinar about fertilization a great success.

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9 december 2014

On Wednesday December 3rd participants from more than 60 countries joined the first online seminar of the Haifa Group about advanced fertilization.

Broadcasted live from Amsterdam the webinar was presented in a co-production between Haifa Group and Wageningen University. The webinar of December the 3rd - titled Optimizing Quality - was the first webinar in a series of four. Professor Leo Marcelis, Head of the chair group Horticulture and Product Physiology of Wageningen University, showed the participants how they can improve the quality of crops by proper cation supply.

During the webinar the worldwide viewers also got practical tips about reducing blossom end rot and botrytus to a minimum, and improving shelf life, taste and color of their products. Many, many questions came in and the moderation team of Haifa Group in Amsterdam and Israel had a tough job to reply them. Some of the questions were forwarded to the broadcasters and discussed openly during the live webinar. Even after the webinar the moderation team continued to answer all questions.

Growers and advisors who are interested in the topics of this webinar can look back the webinar at the YouTube channel of the Haifa Group.

Upcoming next webinars
As mentioned the webinar Optimizing Quality was the first in a four-session series about advanced fertilization. Topics to be covered in the next three webinars are:

  • Optimizing Growth  -   January 28st, 2015
    Optimizing growth by anion supply
  • Optimizing Color & Appearance by micro nutrients  -  March 4th, 2015
    Optimizing color and appearance by micro nutrients
  • Optimizing Nutrition and Climate   -  April 15th, 2015
    Optimizing climate in relation to nutrition (vice versa) with special attention to pH and EC