First Summer School on Greenhouse Horticulture succesful

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8 september 2015

The First Summer School on Greenhouse Horticulture has been held in Wageningen, The Netherlands, from August, 24th through September, 4th, 2015. This “best crash course ever to Greenhouse Horticulture” (quote from one of the attendees) was organised by Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, in cooperation with the Group Horticulture & Product Physiology of the University and with support of Wageningen Academy.

The Summer School was a mixture of classroom lectures, practical work, guest seminars and excursions to companies. Twenty-four people, from academia and business, and from 19 countries and five continents shared this “wonderful chance to integrate fundamental knowledge, practical experience and research development during interactive sessions”. Indeed, whereas for some “the enthusiasm and competence of the teachers at the ‘Oxford of Horticulture’ made it a truly worthwhile experience” for others it was “the various background of classmates that made the course greatly exciting” and a “great networking experience”. The Summer School “delivered the principles behind practical application of crop operations and technologies” and, when leaving, people felt “being able to take educated decisions on system components and necessary knowledge to properly run a greenhouse”. It was a great experience for everybody, and this First Summer School on Greenhouse Horticulture will definitely not be the last. News about next year’s School will be published shortly.