First exchange of knowledge and expertise between Serbian and scientists of Wageningen University & Research

Published on
March 31, 2017

On 23 and 24 March 2017 three scientists of the BioSense Institute visited Wageningen University & Research (WUR) for the first time to share knowledge and expertise. The visit took place in the context of the ANTARES project.

The BioSense scientists  attended the X-ray tomography (XRT) seminar,
organized by WUR. Besides attending  the seminar they also visited the Microscopy & imaging and  the Advanced mass spectrometry facilities in
the Helix building.

BioSense is currently developing specifications for a new building that will house the enlarged institute. Therefore, the scientists also discussed the management and use of research facilities in and outside the BioSense institute in Servia and adjustments of the Helix building for equipment like fluorescence measurements on the photosynthesis in leaves. Their visit to
Wageningen will be followed by visits to Ljubljana, Polytechnic University of Milan, and Technical University of Vienna.

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