First quinoa crop harvested

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15 augustus 2014

Wageningen UR researchers have developed three quinoa varieties suitable for cultivation in Europe. These new varieties were planted alongside each other on three Wageningen UR test fields last April. The earliest-ripening variety was harvested yesterday in Lelystad; the remaining two crops will be harvested from the other test fields in late August. The initial yields look quite promising.

Quinoa originated in South America, but thanks to plant breeding this grain crop can now be grown in Europe as well. The best variety and the best sowing times were researched this year at three different locations. The researchers also investigated the use of pesticides and weed control during cultivation. Using a special test field combine, they were also able to determine the potential yields of each plot. Researcher Ruud Timmer: “Although the product still needs to be dried and cleaned, the yields so far do not disappoint, with estimates of around 3 tonnes per acre.”

For questions about the harvest, please contact Ruud Timmer. For questions about quinoa cultivation, please contact Robert van Loo.

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