First training program dairy production advisors in Ethiopia finalized


First training program dairy production advisors in Ethiopia finalized

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7 december 2016

On December 1st the first group of DairyBISS trained dairy production advisors received their course certificate. The group consisted of technical and business advisors. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, the Netherlands Embassy and other donor organisations.

Training and coaching

DairyBISS contributes to the improvement of commercial dairy farming in Ethiopia. This sector is relatively new in the country, where traditional milk production is mostly concentrated on small-scale mixed farms with a subsistence focus. Currently the increasing demand for dairy products in the cities is stimulating investments in the development of medium and large-scale dairy farms. However, proper knowledge and skills to manage these larger farms is hardly available in Ethiopia. That is why DairyBISS commenced a training program for technical and business advisors with special focus on practical skills and coaching. The technical advisors are trained in all practical aspects of dairy farm management. The business advisors learn to develop and to evaluate investment plans in the dairy sector for milk production as well as milk processing.


Advisor network

Parallel to the training a network for dairy advisors was set up. The idea behind the network is that advisors in the network will enhance their service level to farmers, which in turn makes it more attractive for farmers to engage them. Ultimately this will enhance the dependability of this new group of service providers.

During the DairyBISS project’s lifetime the newly certified members will keep on receiving advice and coaching. In January 2017 a second group of advisors will start training.