Floriculture in the Biobased Economy

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27 juni 2014

The demand for 'greener' molecules, substances that are made by plants is on the increase. Plants contain a wide variety of molecules that can serve a variety of purposes as a raw material or building block in the following sectors: pharmaceutical, agro (chemical), colorants, flavours and fragrances, cosmetics and dietary supplements.

Dutch floriculture, with thousands of different species and cultivars, has a huge potential for prospective active plant substances for these market segments. Based on this fact an entirely new business model can be developed: 'The plant as a producer of green high quality raw materials'.

In the first instance, we focus on the use of plant extracts and plant substances as green plant protection products. This is of great importance in floriculture as the range of chemical pesticides available for horticulture and floriculture in particular, is under pressure.

Active substances against diseases and pests

In this project important flowers and plants in the Netherlands containing interesting substances that are active against diseases and pests in greenhouses are inventoried. The extracts of flowers, leaves, stems and roots are chemically analyzed and then tested against the top five pests and diseases in ornamental plants under glass. All results are recorded in the ‘extract library’ of the Kenniscentrum Plantenstoffen.

This research is carried out by a consortium; FloraHolland, Kenniscentrum Plantenstoffen, Fytagoras, Prisna B.V. and Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture in Bleiswijk.