From media consumer to information handler

Published on
April 27, 2010

On 24 August, Wouter Gerritsma, Information Specialist at Wageningen UR Library, gave a lecture to graduating secondary education students at the Pantarijn in Wageningen. In his lecturer, “From Media Consumer to Information Handler”, Gerritsma explained to the students that Google can find a lot, but not everything. With appealing examples, he showed how Google can be used astutely (more astutely) in looking for information. Naturally, Gerritsma also discussed how found information is not always reliable and, as such, how the found material must be critically evaluated. Afterward the students were also told about source acknowledgement: “You may cite, but you may not copy!”

See Wouter Gerritsma’s presentation (PPT).

(Newsletter 4-2010)