Sportbeurs voor twee studenten Wageningen University


Fund Niels Smith supports two Wageningen students

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22 april 2016

This year two Wageningen University students will be supported by the Fund Niels Smith. The students are water polo player Max de Voogt (20) and athlete Eva Hovenkamp (19). The fund provides talented young top athletes an extra impulse allowing them to combine their passion with their study.

Max de Voogt is a first year student Economie en beleid (Economics and policy) at and plays for the based water polo club UZSC in the first division. They were last’s years champion. Max plays for UZSC since he is 11. In his youth, he became a National Champion several times. Max could use the support of the Niels Smith Fund to finance travel expenses (he travels to almost daily) and training camps.

Eva Hovenkamp is a first year student Gezondheid en maatschappij (Health and society) and member of the athletics club Climax in . She a multiple National Junior Champion at the 200 metres and competed in European and World Youth Championships. Her goal as a sprinter is to be in the 4x100 relay team. Eva could use the support to cover training camps abroad, materials and travel costs.

Friday 22 April the founder of the Niels Smith Fund presented the support symbolically to the students.

Fund Niels Smith

Talented young sportsmen who are not supported by the NOC*NSF, can apply for the Fund Niels Smith. The fund can support 1 or 2 students a year. The support is meant for material purchases, sports internships and training camps abroad, participation costs in competitions as well as travel expenses. Over the years, the fund already has supported 8 young top sportsmen. The Fund Niels Smith is managed by the University Fund Wageningen.