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Further research to mixtures of chemicals in our diet

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23 juni 2015

RIKILT and Biometris (both part of Wageningen UR) are working on a research project regarding the toxicity of mixtures of chemicals that we ingest through our food.

For example, of a number of pesticides it is well known that they can be harmful at high concentrations for liver and the endocrine system. Untill now it is not possible to make adequate risk assessments regarding the intake of mixtures of chemicals. That’s why the European project Euromix has been launched.

Testing toxicity of chemical mixtures

The aim of Euromix is to develop a strategy for the risk assessment of chemical mixtures. RIKILT Wageningen UR is involved in a part of the project investigating whether existing and new toxicological methods are useful for testing toxicity of mixtures. It will also consider whether these methods can be used as an alternative to the current animal toxicity tests.

Biometris Wageningen UR is involved in a part of the project where modelling concepts are integrated for practically useful risk assessment. Biometris will create a web‐based platform of models and data openly accessible to all stakeholders that will remain available beyond the project’s lifetime.

22 partners

In Euromix (European test and risk assessment strategy for Mixtures) 22 partners participate and the project is led by the RIVM. The project belongs to the European research program Horizon 2020 and the European Commission has allocated € 8 million for construction.

For more information about Euromix you can take a look at the site of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, RIVM.