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Future Imperfect: Climate change and adaptation in the Carpathians

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6 oktober 2014

During the Conference of Parties of the Carpathian Convention, which was held in the city of Mikulov in the Czech Republic end of September, the booklet “Future Imperfect“ was presented. This booklet presents a summary of three related climate related research projects in the Carpathian mountains funded by the European Union.

The Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR played a key role in one of the three projects, CARPIVIA, in which the key findings of the other two project were reviewed and analysed as a basis for the design of ecosystem based adaptation measures.

“Future Imperfect“ presents the main trends of precipitation patterns, snow cover and temperature as a result of climate change, the impacts of these trends on a number of ecosystem based production systems, and possible adaptation measures. With the help of stakeholders an in-depth analysis of the impact of the predicted changes was carried out in five selected pilot areas across the Carpathians. The analysis looked into grasslands, forests, wetlands, water resources, agriculture and tourism.

The role of CDI was to analyse and support adaptation measures for wetlands, and to support the communication and cooperation between the three projects. Also, CDI played a role in supporting and organising stakeholder involvement, as well as supporting the drafting of a strategic agenda for the working group on climate change of the Carpathian Convention, which was established as a result of the CARPIVIA project.