Future-proof breeding for Dutch goat breeds

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7 december 2016

How to prepare the herd-book organisation for the next decades, considering the small populations and the different interests of both hobby and professional breeders? That was the theme of a symposium on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Dutch Organisation for Goat Breeders (NOG; in Dutch).

The symposium, in cooperation with SZH and CGN and with more than 80 participants, led to a number of follow-up steps, such as the further development of a healthy breeding policy and a draft communication plan. The NOG represents five Dutch goat breeds: the Dutch White goat, the Dutch Toggenburg Goat, the Dutch Pied Original, the Dutch Nubian goat and the Dutch Boer Goat.

Hints for future-proof breeding. Be aware of the kinships and inbreeding coefficient, especially with these small populations of around 1000 animals. Register and use more different males in your breeding programme. For some breeds the available pedigree data contain too few generations to draw reliable conclusions. Also the question how to make a connection between hobby breeders and professional dairy goat farmers
was discussed at the symposium. For everyone it is important to pay attention to communication.