GODAN meeting: Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition

Published on
January 28, 2015

From 19 to 21 January three important meetings on open data for agriculture and nutrition took place at Wageningen UR. Wageningen UR Library was involved in organising these events.

Open data has to do with governments that want to be transparent. Innovative services overlayed on open data are expected to become a billion euro industry. And attracts young hackers to do clever things with open data. These worlds met in Wageningen. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned  Alterra  to organize a workshop on the impact of open data. In a parallel session  there was a hackathon where young developers worked on several challenges. The winners presented their product at the first partner meeting of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN).

GODAN is originally an initiative of the UK and US governments. These countries are still committed to the project: The US undersecretary of Agriculture, Catherine Woteki, attended the partner meeting. Now the GODAN network has 118 partners, including countries, companies, universities and NGOs.

GODAN focuses on building high-level policy, and public and private institutional support for open data. The initiative encourages collaboration and cooperation among existing agriculture and open data activities. It brings together stakeholders to solve long-standing global problems like food and nutritional security. The workshop was attended by 80 people, the partner meeting by 50.

Wageningen UR Library organised the partner meeting.‚Äč