Published on
March 5, 2012

For a lot of research at Wageningen UR, location is an important factor. That’s why researchers frequently use geographic data. This data can be images of maps that are used as background, but it could also be geographic data files (GIS) that contain an area's parameters.

Within Wageningen UR, there are different desks where geographic data are available. The Library has a collection of historical maps and aerial photos, Alterra's Geodesk manages hundreds of GIS data files, and ISRIC has a large collection of digital soil data. The library’s project Geoportal has been started so that these data will be more visible and more easily found using a new interface. In designing the interface, we've been inspired by applications like Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.Through these websites, we as users have already become used to the possibility of placing objects, such as routes, photos and Points of Interest (POI) on a map. Geoportal will also be able to show combinations of different maps, such as an historical map overlaid on a recent aerial photo.

The portal is being developed in close collaboration with the Geodesk and ISRIC. We'd also like to involve researchers in determining the research value of the collections and in answering the question which historical maps, photos and other digital objects are useful to show in a map viewer? Would you like to help? Then please contact the Library.

(newsletter 2-2012)