Get introduced to our new PhD Terrence Lee

Published on
January 22, 2016

Chen-Guang Lee (Terrence Lee) started as a PhD researcher at the Environmental Policy Group on January, 10th of 2016. He works on a project of wetlands governance of Taiwan during the next three years.

The focus of the project is how government intervenes wetlands conservation, manages wetlands with stakeholders under the principle of 'wise use', and eventually withdraws or steps back to let nature, society, and community industry takes over the operation that maintains at a certain and acceptable level of ecological services.

Based on environmental planning, he is a government officer that took charge of the policy, regulation and budget allocation for Taiwan's wetlands conservation, and collaborated with different fields of expertise such as telemetry, civil engineering, hydro-technique,  water resources management, ecology; worked with different levels of governments, NGOs and communities to restore wetlands, protect the wetland ecology and the life pattern and right of use of peripheral communities. 

His education includes landscape architecture and natural resources management, and he is also a registered urban planner. He is looking forward to enlarging his field at the Environmental Policy Group on the topic of environmental social theories.