Get recognised, associate your publications with your ORCID iD

Published on
June 14, 2018

ORCID provides persistent and unique identifiers for researchers and scholars. ORCID helps you to link your ORCID iD easily and reliably to your publications. Recently, the 100th ORCID iD was registered in Pure, the registration system for research output.

WUR Library encourages researchers and PhDs to create a unique ORCID iD and then to connect your ORCID to Pure. In that way your research output registered in Pure will automatically be sent to your ORCID profile.

Once you have an ORCID identifier and start using it in your research workflows, your research output will benefit from improved discoverability.

Your ORCID iD is issued to you personally. Should you move to a new position, your ORCID identifier goes with you, ensuring that you always have a unique way to identify yourself as an author or contributor to publications.

On the Library website you'll find information about ORCID and an instruction on how to link your ORCID iD to Pure as well.