Global e-business collaboration in agri-food starts at Smart AgriMatics

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18 juni 2014

An invited group of executive managers from Agri-Food business in the US and Europe will search for a common strategy for eBusiness and ICT in the Agri-Food sector. The objective is to start a sustainable collaboration that can be expanded to other continents.

During the Smart AgriMatics conference (June 18 and 19 in Paris), a vision and strategy for eBusiness for the agri-food sector will be developed and put into action.

In a plenary opening session several key representatives from agri-food companies operating at a global level will demonstrate their vision and strategy on eBusiness and ICT development. Amongst others, there will be views from John Deere, BASF, AGCO and Kverneland.

A round table discussion, jointly organised by LEI Wageningen UR and AgGateway from the US, standards and infrastructure needs for data exchange in the agri-food sector will be discussed. Barriers that threaten the e-strategy of companies for e-business and precision farming will first be identified. Next, opportunities for common solutions and services that enable the progress of the e-strategy are explored. The commonalities and differences between Europe and the USA will also be a point of attention during this discussion. The round table will result in action points that a core group of companies can work on to further develop an organisation for global eBusiness collaboration. It’s the intention that this session will be the starting point for a sustainable working relationship between Europe and the US in the future.