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Grant of DANS for publishing data

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19 juni 2018

Until 1 oktober 2018, you can apply for a grant for a Small Data Project at DANS. Small Data Projects are projects in which one or more important datasets are described and made available for reuse.

The data must comply with the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management. The small data project grants are intended primarily for those domains and subdomains where, so far, few data are being archived and reused, and where a grant might serve as a stimulus to expand the range of archived data. Read more about the grant and the application procedure.

Nine Small Data Projects were granted in the previous round, among which the oral history project 'Istori Manokwari' from Wageningen University.

The grant is intended to make datasets reusable and publishable. Is your dataset already ready to be published? Depositing at DANS-EASY or 4TU.Centre for Research Data is free for researchers of Wageningen University & Research. Please contact the Data Librarian.