Growing need for files

Published on
February 23, 2010
There is a growing need for well-organized, compact web publishing. Wageningen UR Library has anticipated this and has begun making files.

The Wageningen UR Library's department of Documentation and Publication Services (DPS) is putting together files on one specific, current subject with publications from its databases. The files have a set format and always contain the following elements: introduction, definition, core publications (with a link to more publications), more information (websites, experts, projects) and a few illustrations.

Started from our own databases such as ARTIK+ and Land Bodem Water (Land Soil Water), the demand for files continues to grow. We are also working with other parties in compiling files. Some examples of files are those for the KIGO project (Innovative Green Education): ‘OOH-Development Entrepreneurial Attitudes', and for breeding manuals made in collaboration with Wageningen UR’s Applied Plant Research and AH Dronten University of Applied Sciences. AH Dronten University of Applied Sciences has delivered digital breeding manuals that students have made. This information, which had not yet been entered into the green knowledge system, is now digitized and publicly available.

A recent file on Lyme Disease was made at the request of the Groenweb (Green Web) and published in "The Week of the Tick".

(Newsletter 2-2010)