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Growth model for cut gerbera

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4 september 2014

Final report of an experimental trial and model development of a growth model for cut gerbera

Report by:
Pieter de Visser, Frank van der Helm, Fokke Buwalda, Peter Lagas

This report describes the development of a growth model for cut gerbera. The work consisted of a literature survey, an experimental trial and model development and calibration. The previously reported literature study showed that data on crop response to day length was lacking for implementation in the model.

A 1-year growth trial was initiated consisting of 3 day length intervals (9, 11.5 and 14 hours), keeping all other growth conditions similar. The crop responseon flower production and quality was studied for the cultivars Kimsey (small flower type) and Heatwave (large flower type).

The observed flower production of Kimsey was equal at 11.5 and 14 hour and higher at 9 hour, for Heatwave no yield differences were observed between the 3 day lengths. Yet, Heatwave produced heavier shoots at 14 hour day length, while Kimsey did not show differences in quality properties between day length treatments. Effects of increased pot temperature did not generate a crop response. Day length crop response was incorporated in the model as well as effects of other climate variables, on basis of previous research. The model was calibrated using data registered by the growers within the project. The modelled crop response was in accordance with measurements. In cooperation with growers and advisors a powerful user interface was constructed that assists the grower to predict flower quality and production in response to user adapted climate conditions.

The model is now available for 5 cultivars of gerbera. The model can use online data from to predict current crop status.

The model is available for Dutch gerbera growers.

Research was sponsored by Productschap Tuinbouw and the Dutch Ministry for Economic Affairs.