Guiding toolkit for increasing climate change resilience

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16 mei 2014

The SEARCH project partners are happy to announce the launching of a Guiding toolkit for Increasing Climate Change Resilience for the Mediterranean region.

The aim of the toolkit is to provide guidance and recommendations on how to develop climate change resilient strategies and plans at national, sub-national and local levels. It is particularly relevant for those who want to initiate and facilitate change processes to improve local climate change resilience; understanding resilience as the capacity to absorb, manage and adapt to social and health, agricultural and ecological changes (or stressors) while still maintaining its essential structure, feedbacks, and functionality.

SEARCH partnership

SEARCH is a three year regional project working in five countries to develop and pilot a resilience framework for local action planning capacities and methodologies to increase climate change resilience through joint learning, planning and testing by stakeholders in demonstration sites.

IUCN Regional Office for West Asia (IUCN ROWA) in Jordan was the project’s lead organisation. Partners are ten organisations from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco and Spain.

The Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR was responsible for training the country teams in identifying and working with stakeholders, in learning communication and facilitation techniques, in conflict management and in working with the project cycle. Further CDI has supported the implementation process by providing guidance and advice on the methodology development and in writing up the policy recommendations and other working papers.

Download the toolkit from the IUCN website