Hackathon for environmental migrants in Bangladesh

Published on
November 17, 2017

ENP-assistant professor Ingrid Boas is currently undertaking fieldwork in Bangladesh as part of her research project on environmentally-related migration in the digital age. In Bangladesh communities are loosing their homes and lands, because of erosion, cyclones and floods. As part of her project Ingrid is organizing a hackathon in which professionals and students are asked to work together towards working ICT-solutions for remote communities affected by cyclones and erosion.  

The hackathon aims to help these communities raise awareness of their situation and to help maintain their community. Specifically, the professionals and students will build on the case of the island Kutubdia, where many houses and lands have been destroyed by environmental and climate change events. The hackathon focuses on the ability of these communities to manage and use their social networks through technology to address these risks. How can they keep their (crucial) social network alive? How can they apply it to their benefit in their difficult situation? These are questions the hackathon hopes to answer. 

The hackathon is organised with support of BBC Media Action, Spider Digital Innovations, Spreeha, and UIU (Bangladesh).

Link to the Facebook Event page: Hackathon for environmental migrants in Bangladesh