Hannah van Zanten receives Innovation Prize

Published on
January 16, 2017

Many researchers state that livestock production has a large impact on the environment, and that completely replacing animal protein by plant protein in our diet would be best. Hannah was awarded by the jury for showing that using animals to convert by-products or feed from marginal lands, could yield up to 1/3 of our daily needs, without competing with growing human food.

She has been shaking the dogma "the more vegetarian the diet, the better"
The jury of Animal Sciences Group

During her PhD-thesis work Hannah worked at and combined animal science knowledge from both the university (Imke de Boer, Corina van Middelaar) and contract research (Bastiaan Meerburg, Paul Bikker). This resulted in a cum laude awarded PhD-thesis called: "Feed sources for livestock: recycling towards a green planet”.

The innovation prize of the Animal Sciences Group is yearly awarded to a person or team who has developed something that is a.o. novel, useful, gives perspectives for other developments, contributes to Global Development Goals or EU Societal Challenges, and contributes to One Wageningen by stimulating co-operation between different teams within Wageningen University and Research.