Healthy piglets are the foundation for profitable finishing pigs

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4 maart 2014

Like every year breeding organization Topigs organized several study evenings in December at various locations in Belgium. Anne-Marie van Bussel of Swine Innovation Centre Sterksel emphasized in her speech the importance of healthy piglets. She presented the findings of research on pig farming in Sterksel.

Although the genetic potential of the pig population today is high, there are not always good practical results obtained. In order to achieve a profitable finisher, healthy piglets should be the foundation.

Various studies shown the influence of birth weight. Weaning age also has a major impact on further results.

Swine Innovation Centre Sterksel also looks at the potential of some innovative feeding systems. For example, research has been done to provide milk after weaning.

Click here for the complete article in Management & Techniek (24 january, 2014).