Helleborus orientalis Queens als houdbare snijbloem


Helleborus orientalis Queens as sustainable cut flower

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28 november 2014

The Critical Success Factor for the successful introduction of the new Helleborus orientalis Queens varieties of Green Works is a good shelf life after harvest. This can be achieved among others, by following uniform and clear guidelines for the pre-treatment of the flowers after harvest, before they enter the distribution chain.

To develop these guidelines, Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, Green Works, Chrysal and growers tested several antitranspirants, post-harvest treatments, cut flower food, growers’ methods and maturity stages with a number of cultivars from different growers.

Through the use of flower food during vase life (consumer phase) the vase life was extended with 19 to 68% compared to plain water.

The use of coatings, stem incisions, pre-treatment with vinegar and harvesting more mature flowers did not improve vase life.

Modest vase life improvements were observed with an experimental antitranspirant and some pre-treatment agents, of which Grow 20 in the recommended dosage performed the best.

Petals and anthers abscission were slightly reduced by pre-treatment with an ethylene product. For growers, guidelines have been prepared for implementation during the next season.

Sponsor of the research: Kansen voor West