'Holistic Health Literacy' by Marlies Casteleijn

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3 november 2016

Marlies Casteleijn successfully finished her MSc Thesis in 2015 about moving (youth) health literacy upstream.

The thesis is part of the Bridge For Health Literacy Project, a study that aims to contribute to a paradigm shift in how we perceive, meadure and design (youth) health literacy interventions. This Project aims to promote upstream thinking in the health literacy field at large, and more specifically with regard to youth, in which the need to synergize fundamental and modern-day health promotion principals and citizen engagement approaches within health literacy is acknowledged and advocated. This has been conducted by doing both a systematic literature review and a participatory research.
Results have shown that a youth Photovoice curriculum is lacking, and future research is needed to validate the effectiveness of Photovoice to engage and empower (Aboriginal) youth. The case study has provided a first step towards identifying an approach and methods to foster youth's holistic health literacy, and move health literacy upstream.

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