Home Turf: website online

Published on
December 18, 2017

The website of the research project ‘Home Turf - An integrated approach to the long-term development, cultural connections and heritage management of Dutch raised bogs’ is now online. In this project, funded by the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), Roy van den Beek (GEO, SGL), Maurice Paulissen (GEO) and Cindy Quik (SGL) analyse the long-term development of raised bogs in the Pleistocene 'upland' parts of The Netherlands and adjacent parts of Belgium and Germany, with the main focus on human-land relations. The interdisciplinary study aims to link data from the humanities and environmental sciences by integrating physical geographical, archaeological and historical geographical data at various spatial scales. Detailed insights are given about the diverse trajectories that bog landscapes follow through time and how these patterns relate to human activity. The project, aided by constructive dialogues among scientists, numerous authorities, land management agencies and private owners, aims to construct mechanisms to integrate the interests of all of these stakeholders. Visit the roject website.