Hugo de Vries Award granted to Aaron Velez Ramirez

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24 april 2015

On Tuesday 14 April, during the annual NWO/EPS meeting in Lunteren, the Hugo de Vries Award 2014 was presented to Aaron Velez Ramirez.

Aaron Velez Ramirez is a former PhD-student at the Chair Groups ‘Plant Physiology’ and ‘Horticulture and Product Physiology’. He was awarded this prize for the thesis 'Continuous light on tomato: from gene to yield'. This thesis resulted in a number of publications in leading journals, including Nature Communications.

The Hugo de Vries Award is a yearly price of 5000 euro for the best Plant Sciences related Ph.D. thesis defended in that year at a Dutch university.

See also 'The tomato that never sleeps', published in WUR Resource on 28 August 2014.