Humans of de Bongerd: Valérie Eijrond

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20 april 2017

Meet Valérie Eijrond, 26 years old and student MSc Health and Society. She is a regular visitor of Sports Centre de Bongerd, and follows approximately 9 sports classes a week! She likes the large variety and quality of the classes and the passionate, energetic and friendly instructors. Besides, she experiences the sports centre as a place where you can socialize a lot!

Her favourite classes are Funxtion, TRX and Insane due to their high intensity and total body workout. Simultaneously, she experiences these classes as the heaviest because the exercises involve using her own bodyweight.

 “For me going to the gym is an energy booster. I love the feeling after a workout. I come from a very sportive family. I did classical ballet for 5 years and field hockey for 6 years. In 2017 I started going to the fitness centre. First I followed Zumba classes and gradually expanded to more and different lessons offered by Les Mills as well as training in the gym.

My aim is to lead a healthy lifestyle which includes being active by having a good balance of endurance, strength and flexibility as well as eating a nutritious diet.”