Humans of the Bongerd: Hart voor de Zaak

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29 mei 2018

If you join the thymos Internal Competition (TIC), you might have played against them; team ‘Hart voor de Zaak’. This team joins all the sports: football, futsal, knotsball and beachvolleyball. Besides, they can often be found at our events. The teamplayers are at the Bongerd for about three times per week and that makes them familiar faces.

The team has been formed during a group work assignment. They were looking for distraction form their work and decided to subscribe their selves as a team for the TIC. When the group work was over, the team remained active. Now they even play all sports. Sometimes, they win a competition and that means you can get a cake for free in the canteen!

This year they joined many of our events. They even won the Balltournament and the Olympics! At these tournaments you can not only win respect, but also some nice prizes! Playing lasergame for free was the best prize they won with their team.

The approachability of the TIC and the events are considered as very pleasant by the teamplayers. Everyone in the team is passionate about sports, but fun is always more important than the achievement. Besides, there is a lot of variation in the sports and there are nice surprises. Enough reasons to join the TIC and some day you will play against ‘Hart voor de Zaak’!