Hydrotheek Updated

Published on
July 13, 2008

The Hydrotheek is compiled by the department of Documentation and Publication Services (DPS) from the Wageningen UR Library. With more than 28,000 sources on water management, hydrology, aquatic ecology, water quality, water weirs and waste water management in the Netherlands, the database is an initiative of STOWA (Foundation for Applied Research in Water Management). Recently, the Hydrotheek has received a new home page ‘Current’. In addition to a fresh layout, 'Current' offers new content and functionality:

  • 'Water jewels': recent publications to which you can respond and pieces of information about the Hydrotheek.
  • The green tool bar at the top of the page has a quick search box.

In the right column, you can find extra functionalities:

  • 'Your publications in the Hydrotheek?': information about how to submit publications 
  •  'New titles': a short summation
  • 'Subscriptions': free subscription to the monthly newsletter and to the weekly alert
  • 'Label cloud', a cloud with the most recurring themes of the Water jewels.

Special search questions and files are compiled in the Hydrotheek. Special search questions are directed search questions that give an overview of the publications in the Hydrotheek about the subject in question. A file gives a short overview with explanation and background about a specific subject. 'Definition', 'Core Publications' and 'More Information' are consistent elements of the files. Recently added files deal with water management elections and the water laws.  Want to know more? Choose 'Files' in the left-hand menu.

Monthly newsletter
In July 2007, the Hydrotheek newsletter was restyled. The design now fits with STOWA's house style. The revamped newsletter has a selection of subjects: news, special publications in the rubric 'Water jewels', the Top 3 and overviews of recently added publications arranged according to STOWA research themes. The newsletter is published 10 times per year. A subscription is free:

    (newsletter 3-2008)